Public Domain Day (January 1, 2016): what could have entered it in 2016 and what did get released

Every year, January 1st also marks works from around the world that would be entering the public domain thanks to the copyright laws in their respective countries. Sadly, none of them are made available in the US yet, even works from Lorraine Hansberry, T.S. Eliot, Winston Churchill, and Malcom X. Curses (and lucky you, Canadians!)

Public Domain Reviews put a list of creators whose work that are entering the public domain for Europe and Canada. ( Nice list (also, Bella Bartok!) Although, Canada might be required to add 20 years the copyright term next year thanks to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. \silent curses\

Center of Study for the Public Domain put a list of some quite well-known works that are still under the extended copyright restriction:

John Mark Ockerbloom from the University of Pennsylvania pointed out that the 1959 articles from Nature, Science, and the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) can now be digitized and open for public consumption.

Three more years to go (e.g. in 2019) until we can see something that would enter public domain in the US.